Thursday, October 30

Our new Box of the Week is the limited Haunted House Letterbox, put in place by MommaFox, who so graciously invited Sue & I for chili last summer at their campground. Please note that this box is available for the following 3 days only: Oct. 31, Nov.1 and Nov.2. Be sure to get out to Putnam, CT before it's too late!
The response has been overwhelming to the two big events of this week: the Randy Hall interview and legerdemaine's new letterbox, HOW. Hope all of you were able to find HOW on our website!
Thanks for the positive, encouraging response to our interview with Randy.
We are thinking of making an interview with a letterboxing personality a new feature on our website. We'll see what develops and how easy we can find interviewees.

Wednesday, October 29

Wow - what a week this has been! First the interview with Randy Hall and now an exclusive, new legerdemaine clue that was emailed to us by the mysterious one. Read the poem that we wrote called a Clue to the Clue.
In true legerdemaine fashion, it is hidden somewhere on our website!
Have fun looking around and don't forget to email us when the box you have found.
[Jeez, I've got to get out of this rhyming mode!!]

Tuesday, October 28

Randy's interview has been posted and we hope you enjoy it!

Monday, October 27

We are still awaiting Randy Hall's interview via email. Hopefully there will be more news on it tonight. After the interview is posted, I have another huge announcement - so stay tuned - business is about to pick up!!!

Our Box of the Week is Journey Into Imagination, a series of 21 letterboxes, placed by Irish Tinker, Rosie Bunny & RTRW and carved by letterboxers from around the country. These boxes are based on childrens' books that we have all read and loved. The boxes are located in Stafford and Somers, CT

Thursday, October 23

I have added some new Letterboxing Links. Hope you enjoy them!

Wednesday, October 22

I just emailed Randy Hall my questions for the interview. If everything goes according to plan, we should be posting the interview early next week.

Tuesday, October 21

Well - it came! Randy Hall's new book, The Letterboxer's Companion, arrived at our doorstep. Physically, the book is small in size [about 7" square] and page count [about 110], which makes it easy to place in a backpack or carry around. Since my background is in commercial printing, I noticed the excellent overall quality; heavy-weight cover material and text paper as well as the overall "outdoorsey" theme carried throughout. The Companion is made for use as a reference book - one that you will use time and time again. It's perfect for the non-letterboxer or newbie; but the accomplished veteran will also enjoy it. Randy highlights and educates the reader on all of the different aspects of letterboxing - including history, basics of finding and creating letterboxes, how to carve a rubber stamp and what material to use, etiquette and advanced techniques. I found some great tips on clue-writing. Since we have yet to carve a stamp - getting closer! - I found this portion helpful. Interspersed throughout the text are pictures of stamps done by Alafair, Jay Drew, SpringChick, NewBel, and the ever-elusive Legerdemaine. Watch for our interview with Randy early next week!

Monday, October 20

I have a huge announcement! Randy Hall [Mapsurfer] has agreed to do an interview with me about his upcoming book, The Letterboxer's Companion. I'm still awaiting my copy - should be here today. Check back next week for the interview. If you have any questions you would like me to ask, email me at

Also, please take a minute and vote at our Poll of the Week below.
It, too, relates to Randy's book.

This is quite a day - Our website passed the 10,000 hit mark with visitors from over 30 countries since it was first published on December 29, 2002!
Thanks to all of our readers around the world!

Sunday, October 19

Our new Box of the Week is Presidents, a series of 9 letterboxes by Teach & Preach. This series is located in Thompson, CT. Hopefully, Preach is feeling better after his surgery and is back on the trail again! Now we have Presidential Series in 2 areas of CT - this one in the eastern part of CT and JustBeth's series in Middlebury, CT - covering the west. See our Box of the Week Archive for Beth's wonderful series, both Parts 1 & 2.

Friday, October 17

Now I know why I stopped following the Red Sox 4 years ago - it's too painful to be a fan! They should have won that game but I feel that it was mismanaged - Pedro should have been pulled from the game as soon the Yanks started hitting. The one good thing about the game is that everyone kept their cool and acted professionally. OK - say it - Wait 'til next year! SURE!

On a brighter note, I was just notified by email that our copy of Randy Hall's Letterboxing Companion, the new letterboxing book, was shipped yesterday! Can't wait to read it. I'm hoping Randy might have put a few new letterbox clues in the book - if we can figure them out! Stay tuned for our review of the book!

Wednesday, October 15

Jay Drew sent out an email to a group of letterboxers requesting us to "adopt" letterboxes that were left abandoned by their original placers. Sue and I are the proud parents of two new letterboxes: Dead Bug Letterbox in Meriden, CT and Adams Mill Trail Letterbox in Manchester, CT. Over the next few weeks we will take a hike and check them out, making any replacements or changes in clues. I think we may do an add-on box or two to each one. Stay tuned!

Monday, October 13

Our Box of the Week's honors goes to White Tornado for placing 2 new boxes in Windsor's Northwest Park. These letterboxes are called Celestial Orbs. Maybe this is a great place for the requested Mid Winter Gathering in January?. Could we possible talk Butterfly into leaving her birds here for the winter?
Mother Nature has been hard at work using a stupendous palette of colors on all of the trees up north! Vermont and New Hampshire foliage was at it's peak in the higher elevations. Saturday was a beautiful, Indian summer day to take a ride and commune with nature . . . and letterbox! Sue & I hit the Otterbrook Dam box in Peterborough, NH after solving 2 of the Valley Quests: Horatio Colony Preserve Quest and Horatio Colony House Quest, both located in Keene, NH. More about Horatio Colony later.
We did have trouble with the 2 letterboxes in Sheiling Forest, located in Peterbourough, NH. We could not find either one! One dates back to 1999 and the second from 2000. Either we were off our game or they are missing! It was the end of the day and we were tired, so it could have been us! If any of our readers has any info on this box, please email us from the link below! Thanks.

Friday, October 10

We're headed to Vermont for the weekend to enjoy the foliage, rest and recup from an extremely busy week, do some questing & letterboxing and check our planted letterboxes there. I hope to post our weekend activities, status of our Symbols of Freedom letterboxes plus the new Box of the Week by Monday evening. There might even be a new box or two to announce!!! Have a great weekend and enjoy this beautiful Indian summer weather. And don't forget to hit the link at the bottom of the page for the new Pacific Northwest Letterboxing website and vote and rate our website! Thanks.

Thursday, October 2

CSCM posted a message to the talk list today about the fact that letterboxing will celebrate it's 150th anniversary in 2004. He asked if anyone had thought about taking a trip across the pond to get some of those over 10,000 Dartmoor National Park letterboxes. I responded that a trip had been in the back of my mind since the spring. A few letterboxers with whom I had spoken had all favorably responded, including Leader of the Pack. Due to the talk list posts, we have gotten some additional positive feedback from Memlili, Music Woman and Delphmonk.
When I first thought of the idea, I contacted the admistrator of the Dartmoor Talk List and he reacted very positive toward it. I suggested a joint gathering and maybe letterboxing with our English counterparts. They have been hosts to other US boxers and I know a large group would be well-received.
Please drop me an email if you are interested: Let me know your preference as to what months are good for you, how flexible you are with accommodations [hostel, dorm-type, hotel, bed and breakfast, etc.]
I will begin to assemble some info during the coming months and will create a subpage off of this one with my findings and will also place a post on the talk list when things are a little more firmed up.
Randy Hall [Mapsurfer] has authored a new book about letterboxing, called The Letterboxer's Companion. According to one reviewer:
"The Letterboxer's Companion is a complete introduction to letterboxing. It includes a history of letterboxing, instructions on making personal stamps and letterboxes, letterboxing etiquette and conventions, basic land navigation techniques, writing and following clues--everything the aspiring letterboxer needs to get started in this fascinating, family-friendly pastime."
Our copy has been ordered and we will let you know about it when it arrives sometime late next week.
Sue and I are planning to attend the DEP Field Day at People's State Forest in Barkhamsted, CT. Since the rangers have been celebrating their Centennial this year with letterboxes hidden in all of the 30 state forests, letterboxers will have a large presence at this event. The hours for the event are 8:30 am to 4 pm on Saturday, October 4. With the help of Music Woman, Sunshine, Swamp Yankee and Butterfly, there will be about 8 new letterboxes hidden for the event, as well as some event and special stamps, both by letterboxers and the forest rangers. As at most gatherings, there should also be a bevy of hitchhikers and exchanging will be done at a feverous pace! Hope to see you all there!

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