Wednesday, August 27

Many new exciting gathering opportunities have been presented to us lucky New Englanders. Read Tom Noone's post from the Talk List for clues to the Fall Mystery Gathering in New England. Sue & I already have reservations nearby! These clues are very creative and we are really looking forward to meeting all of you there "ten days after the harvest moon."

The other gathering is the Cape Caper, to be held on Saturday, October 4, 2003 at Nickerson State Park in Brewster, MA on the Cape. Mary Manatee and The Yachtsman ["You know, the guy from the place?"] will be our hosts. Further details will be forthcoming.

Sunday, August 24

Added the State Stamp Series states that I recently missed: Alabama, Georgia, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts. Sorry NeeDeeps! I will try to keep a closer eye on your newer ones!
Sue & I went out for a few quick letterboxes this afternoon and found Native Flower and trilobite of the Walk Through Geologic Time, all in Rocky Hill, CT. We could not find the second of the Walk Through, the Eubrontes Trail. The wall looked as if it had fallen. Please email us from the link below if any of you have recently found this box or have any further info on it.
From Rocky Hill we drove to Glastonbury and found the Ferry Flit Letterbox by the South Glastonbury Ferry. This was a pretty spot and very crowded with people enjoying the river view, watching the ferry and just enjoying the wonderful, cool, dry October-like air. From there, we found our way to the CT Audabon Center in Glastonbury and found the 2 Sunshine Daydream Letterboxes.
Not bad for a few hours work on a beautiful New England day!

Saturday, August 23

Our new Box of the Week is Rubaduc's Balf Park letterbox, located in Newington, CT.
The new Poll of the Week is posted below and it relates to the new method of mailing letterboxes through the postal system to letterboxers who sign up for this new "snail mail" type of letterbox. Is this a cheap way to get an "F" or an unusual boxing technique? You decide!

Well, we're back from Aruba. It was a wonderful week and we got to plant our first international letterbox, Vacation Memories Mystery Letterbox. Hope you all get to visit this letterbox, but better yet, visit Aruba - it surely is an island paradise: beautiful beaches, friendly people, great restaurants.

Wednesday, August 20

Hello eveyone from Aruba! The weather is exactly as Charlie says - perfect every day. We have spent 6 wonderful days here. Sue & I have toured the island by car, we have sailed on a 72 foot catamaran to the Venuzulan coast on a sunset cruise, enjoyed the beautiful beaches on the resort's private island, won and lost in the casinos and have had some great food! We leave on Friday afternoon - but only until we return again! Aruba is the best. Also - watch for the clues for our Vacation Memories letterbox that we have already planted here but have not yet published clues for! This will be the last post until probably Saturday. Take care and bon dia!!

Wednesday, August 13

While we prepare for vacation, I am posting the Box of the Week, I'd Rather Be Letterboxing, which is a joint effort between Irish Tinker and RTRW. It's dedicated to all of those chores that never get done since we spend all of our free time letterboxing!!

Just a quick thank you to all of our international visitors. To date, we have had visitors from 25 countries, besides our US visitors. Letterboxing is truly an international hobby!!

As I stated, we will be on vacation for a while out of the country. There will not be any new posts until we return - unless I find an internet cafe.

Sunday, August 10

Just got in and unpacked from the Maine Event Gathering weekend. It's late so watch for details later this week. Check out our Finds [Page 2] for this weekend's boxes as well as our Exchanges for new entries. Thanks to all of the organizers of the Maine Event - it was a good time. Also, thanks to TeamGreenDragon for helping us box our way down the coast of Maine today as we set out for home! We always enjoy your company

Thursday, August 7

Sue & I are toying with the idea of a personal traveler stamp. If you see us at the Maine Gathering, ask us about it! This will probably be my last post until next week.
Look for a full report on the gathering as well as some pictures
. Have a good weekend & hope to see you there!

Tuesday, August 5

The Pepe's & the Davidow's are getting ready for the Maine Event gathering, which will be held this Saturday, August 9 in Brunswick, ME at Thomas Point Beach.
Meet at the "Steeple" [ask at the Entrance Booth for directions to the Steeple] for 11:30 am Exchanges with Lunch beginning at 12:30pm. Cookout meats will be provided in the form of burgers, hot dogs & veggie burgers. Guests are asked to bring a salad or dessert to share. The rest of the afternoon will be spent letterboxing in the area [don't forget to get a ticket or your hand stamped before you leave if you want re-entry into the park,] swimming and relaxing. Hopefully the weather will cooperate!
If you make it, please be sure to stop by and say hello! Who knows, we may have a special letterbox for you!!!

Monday, August 4

Our new Box of the Week is Irish Tinker's The Actor's Colony, located in Coventry, CT. This box tells of the history of a couple that bought land along a lake that developed into a haven for actors. Read the story & find the boxes . . 2 for the price of one!

Saturday, August 2

WE FOUND IT! Last night after work, Sue & I went out to try a second time to solve Mapsurfer's Gang of 8 and we did it! A great accomplishment and it only took about 2 and a half months to get there and find it!
Today, Sue & I went out with Joe & Betsy and we found The Fox Place and Middlebury Greenway in Middlefield, CT. After that we headed to Watertown and found the Mattatuck State Forest #13, jumped onto Route 8 and got The Engraver's Foothills BMX [what a cool bike park - lights, bleachers and everything!] Our last stop for the day was the Farmington Valley Greenway South in Avon, CT. Not bad for a day's work on such a humid August day!

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