Monday, March 31

Our new Box of the Week is a series of 6 boxes planted at
Sleeping Giant State Park in Hamden, CT by Butterfly - called
The Table Letterboxes. Also in Sleeping Giant and planted by Butterfly are: Around the Head of the Sleeping Giant, 3 boxes and Bear's Gift, 1 box.
While there, you might as well check out the following 15 letterboxes: Cascades Letterbox [1 box] planted by Lobsta Lady,
Jolly Mean Giant [1 box] placed by Michael & Janet
and the Sleeping Giant [13 boxes] by the Drew Clan.

Clues have been posted on the State Stamp Series page for the new Tennessee State Stamp in the on-going Needeeps' series.

The Letterbox Poll of the Week is in a 3 way tie so I think I will let it go another week to see how things pan out! If you haven't yet voted, please do so we can break the tie. The Poll is in the left hand column towards the bottom of this page. Thanks!

Saturday, March 29

Virgina State Stamp clues added today; which makes a total of 14 states. In a recent email from the NeeDeeps, they told me that they have all of the other states completed but they just need time to plant them. Visit their website.

Wednesday, March 26

Today I posted 3 new additions to the State Stamp Series on our new page. The 3 new states are Mississippi, Vermont and South Carolina. What a great project! This would be a great way for a classroom to learn about our 50 states - stamp their way across Connecticut while learning about each of our 50 states! More to come - thanks NeeDeeps for a great series!!

Monday, March 24

Our Letterbox of the Week is the new "State Stamp Series by the NeeDeeps. I have added a new page for it and will update it as they plant the states. This series will eventually have one letterbox for each State - quite a large undertaking. Hopefully, having all of the states on one page will help those letterboxers looking to collect the entire "country." Sue wants to start a separate logbook for just these images.
Our new Letterbox Poll of the Week is now active. I will post the results from last week's poll on our Archive Poll Page tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 19

I added 5 new photos in our Photo Album . They were all taken last weekend in southern Vermont while we were snow-shoeing. Even though they are not letterbox-related, our friend Andy did a such a great photography job that we decided to share them.
As we face the approaching war with Iraq, the Pepe's and the Davidow's are praying for all of the American and UK troops, who will remain on the minds of our fellow citizens during the coming weeks and months. We thank them for all of their efforts in the name of all of us here at home!
God Bless America and God Save the Queen!

Sunday, March 16

Our newest Letterbox Poll of the Week has been activated. See the results of last week's poll at our Poll Archive. We had 47 people participate, thanks to the link from the Letterboxing North America website. This week's Box of the Week is the Gateway to the Cape Cod Canal Letterbox in Sandwich, MA, place by the Yachtsman & Mary Manatee.

Sunday, March 9

Our Box of the Week is the US Presidents Series [Part 1] which is located in Hop Brook Lake, Middlebury, CT. This is a series of 5 boxes, all named for Presidents that give a little history and some unknown facts about each. Our Poll of the Week has been posted also. Visit our Poll Archive to see the results of past Polls.

Wednesday, March 5

What a great surprise! Today I found out that our new Letterbox Poll of the Week is featured on the "What's New" area of's website under the What's Hot heading! This is truly an honor and we would like to welcome all of our visitors from that site and invite you to look around, sign our Guest Map, check out our Photo Album, Box of the Week and it's Archive, Our Finds and Our Exchanges. Please send us an email and let us know what you thought of our site and don't be afraid to suggest an improvement or idea - we have really thick skin!!
Thanks Letterboxing North America for the link
- all of the Pepe's and Davidow's are pleased!!!

Monday, March 3

Our new Box of the Week is the Stamp Studio Letterbox by MusicWoman, located in Manchester, CT. Our new Poll of the Week is up and we incourage you all to place your vote.
Last week's Poll had 56 total votes [This was a 3 day Poll so I could get on the Monday schedule]:

How Long Have You Been Letterboxing?

2 visitors had never boxed, 25 visitors [49%] have less than a year's experience, 13 votes at 1 to 2 years, 5 at 3 to 4 years, 4 voted 5 to 6 years, and 7 visitors had over 6 years experience
[I think most of these 7 are thanks to my visitors from the UK with all of those great Dartmoor boxes!]

Saturday, March 1

Today I added a new Photo Album. I only have a few pictures uploaded, but more will follow. It is located just under the Poll. Thanks for visiting our site and filling out the new Poll of the Week and signing our Guest Map. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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