Thursday, July 31

Hopefully the weather will hold out this Saturday so that we can finally get Mapsurfer's Gang of 8. After one unsuccessful try, Sue & I are ready to hit it again but will make it our first stop this time, not the last stop like last time. The later in the day it get, the less sharp we get!
After our hopefully successful visit for the Gang, we plan to get 2 or 3 of the CT State Forest Boxes. The end of the year is fast approaching!

Monday, July 28

Tonight we went to Bristol, CT and found The Soccer Challenge and Jared the Rockwell Raptor. That puts us at F207.

Posted the new Letterbox of the Week, The Fox Place, planted by Allie of the Valley in Middlebury, CT. While in Middlebury, don't forget the Presidents Series by LoneLetterboxer, which is a series of 10 wonderfully- carved stamps located in Hop Brook Lake in Middlebury. Hop Brook is the location of this past spring's CT Gerbil Gathering
Also new today is the Letterbox Poll of the Week. If you have never been to a gathering before, be sure to attend one. Two upcoming New England gatherings include the Maine Event gathering on August 9th in Brunswick, ME and the MA Gathering on August 16 in Wendell Forest.
We will attend the Maine gathering but unfortunately will miss the MA one due to a pre-scheduled vacation.

Sunday, July 27

Today we will post the birth of a new Hitchhiker - Kensington HH, which is a joint collaboration between Delirium from Michigan and Mark & Sue from Kensington, CT. Check out this link for the story.

Saturday, July 26

What a day! Sue & I met TeamGreenDragon in Norwich, CT and did the following letterboxes: The Patriot, Dragon Fire, Code 1, Indian & the Fountain Series, and Big Maple Sugar. We then headed to Charlestown, RI for our first Rhody Boxes: Take It Easy, Frosty Drew, Truston Pond Quest, Camping In Burlingame and Favorite Ornament Series. We only had enough time to get 5 of the ornaments but still had time to reach our 200th find! After a great boxing day, TeamGreenDragon and Sue & I were invited for a cookout at Wanda & Pete's! While at the Miner's, we got their house box, The Throne and Garden Party. Was this a great day or what?
When I got home, we found that the mailman had delivered a special hitchhiker carved by Delirium from Michigan, but more about that tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 23

In honor of Russ' life and contribution to our family, I have decided to launch our first hitchhiker, Russ' Hiker. Look for it to make "tracks" to your neck of the woods.
We are also getting ready a Vacation Memories letterbox at a place to be named and have already written clues for our first Mystery Letterbox to be called Inventor Mystery Box #1 in what we hope to be an on-going series dedicated to the inventors of those everyday items we take for granted but without which we could not live! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, July 22

I posted our new Box of the Week - The Deerfield River. This letterbox is located near Conway, MA but has the option of several methods of transportation in getting to the box!! You can go by land - like most traditional letterboxes, or go by water via canoe, kayak or tube. How great is that? By land the time is about 30 minutes; via canoe or kayak it will take about 90 minutes and by tube, plan on about 3 hours. Thanks to Dennis & Donna for offering us a letterbox that gives us several transportation options.

Sunday, July 20

Sue & I went to Vermont to get ready for Russ' wake and funeral on Monday and Tuesday. TeamGreenDragon had hidden the In Flanders Fields Hitchhiker for us at our VT house. What a great pick-us-up that was! Thanks Brian & Lori - you are the best. If Wanda & Pete helped - thank you too! While there we got to work on the clues and finally published our first set of letterboxes, The Symbols of Freedom. Hope they are not too easy to find - but we're rookies.

Friday, July 18

We received tragic news on Monday, July 14 - my brother-in-law, Russ Pipeling, my sister's husband, died unexpectedly in his sleep. Russ was a healthy, fun-loving, 54 year old guy and we are all just shocked and torn apart. Will not be posting much for awhile - need to get our heads and hearts back in shape.

Saturday, July 12

Spent the afternoon with the Mastrianni's and we accomplished the following letterboxes: Holy Land USA by Letterboxer2002, Cemetery Mystery Box #1 and RIP Gerbil by LoneLetterboxer and our first CT Forest Centennial Box - Naugatuck State Forest #19. Thanks to Dave who found both the Holy Land and the State Forest Boxes! Sue and I went on our own, with clues in hand, and tried to solve Mapsurfer's Gang of 8. After bushwacking and walking and digging and pacing and recounting and rebushwacking - you get the idea - we came up empty handed! We'll try it again soon. I don't know how Wanda and Pete found it!

Wednesday, July 9

We ate a quick supper tonight and headed out to Cromwell, CT. We found the Old Burying Ground and Jack & the Beanstalk. Both stamps are really unbelievable! It seems that the carving just gets better and better! On our way to Jack & the Beanstalk, we spotted a doe and a flock of geese. Beautiful spot down by the CT River. Sue & I just made it to the car before dark . . . and the mosquitos carried us away!

Tuesday, July 8

Sue and I went out with the Davidow's [Leslie, Rick, Lauren and Nicole] tonight after work. We managed to solve MusicWoman's Blue Devil Mystery Box [Pam - absolutely beautiful stamp carving!] and moved on to RTRW's Stanley Quarter Carousel - another great stamp. We have quite a few of Rebecca's stamps in our logbooks! Despite the heat and the mosquitos, a good time was had by all . . . and we ended it on a great note - pizza and grinders for supper!

Monday, July 7

Just posted this week's Box of the Week, Sea Song Mystery in New Hampshire. You don't need to print out these clues - just memorize 3 or 4 words!! Good luck!
This week's Letterboxing Poll is ready to take your vote! Just head on down this page to the box on the right!!

Sunday, July 6

Had a wonderful 4th of July weekend in VT. Spent Saturday letterboxing with TeamGreenDragon. The 4 of us had a wonderful day. We found Legerdemaine's Toad Mystery Box, Rubaduc's Vermont Loon and 11 of the Valley Quests located in Norwich, White River Junction and Woodstock, VT. It was a great day with wonderful friends and Sue & I got to witness an auspicious event - TeamGreenDragon's 400th find. It was the perfect ending to a great day. Thanks Brian & Lori - we hope you are planning on doing this again sometime soon!

Thursday, July 3

You are in the right place! I just messed up and changed my template last night and now have a new look - whether I wanted it or not!! Things are still in a state of flux so pardon our appearance.
Off to VT this weekend, but promise to get things tip top for the beginning of the week! Sue and I plan to plant our first letterboxes - Symbols of Freedom -a 3 box series, in West Dover, VT. TeamGreenDragon will be there to help! Clues will be posted next week. Hope you have a great Fourth of July and don't forget the meaning of the day - celebrate the freedoms we all hold so dear - and wear the colors - RED, WHITE & BLUE!
Susan Davis informed the letterboxing community that her husband, Erik had passed away today. Erik will truly be remembered as a pioneer in the letterboxing field. Due to his enthusiam for this hobby, many new recruits are out there today bushwacking and looking for little Tupperware containers with stamps & logbooks! Here's to you Erik - thanks for all of your accomplishments when letterboxing was in its infancy in the US and for turning us all on to this wonderful hobby that gets all of us out there exploring, hiking and discovering God's beautiful country!

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